Practical info

Practical info

beeld bevoorrading

information for the 7K and the half marathon at Nieuwpoort and for the races in Ypres!

if for some reason you have to abandon the race, please give your entry number to the nearest marshall when you leave the course.

Cyclists are NOT allowed in the edition of 2018

We urge you to register in advance as much as possible, so that on the day of the race everything can run smoothly.
Nobody likes to queue up to the registration tables and for us it is better to make a correct estimate of the number of participants. So we can adequately provide medals and T-shirts as to leave no one in the cold ....... If limit of 1418 runners is reached, the race entries will be closed early!
All information about the registrations on the "subscribe" page

market place of Ypres, just in front of the magnificent "Lakenhalle" (with the Flanders Fields-museum) 

three times you run along a smaller road under a bridge: at 18km, "Hoge Brug" - Diksmuide, at 28km "Driegrachten" - Houthulst and 33km "Steenstraete" - Langemark.

at start: near the market of Diksmuide, 200mtr from the start.
at finish: Changing- rooms with showers are situated at the college (entrance via Menenstraat), 300 metres from finish. 

Because we care for the environment, we're using reusable Shoe Tags. fix them well using straps. The chip is cut off after the finish. Be sure to bring in your chip. We don't ask a deposit, but count on your chip being delivered back to us. It is of no further use to you, to us it is valuable. If by chance you forgot to return it, please send to André Mingneau, Kortewildestraat 61; 8600 Diksmuide.
  • Minimum Age: 20
  • recent medical certificate or proof of earlier participation in a marathon
limited, only on Saturday (day before the race)
Want to run a marathon in four hours? We have a pacing team ready! time limits: 3u-3u15-3u30-3u45-4u00-4u15 en 4u30

Need a place to stay?

handed over at the changing rooms at Marketplace Diksmuide
2-4-5-6-8-10-15-20-21,1-25-30-35-36-37-38-39-40-41-42km. The course has been measured by officials from the IAAF.
For every finisher there is a medal and a technical running shirt provided at the finish!
This is a "note" from a doctor that states that you are fit to run a marathon (not mandatory for affiliated athletes and runners who already ran a marathon in 2018). You can drop it off when you pick up your bib number.

There is a pace team for following time-limits: 3h-3u15-3u30-3u45-4u00-4u15 and 4:30

see page "course" 

the first three ladies and men overall race result and the first three ladies and men veterans are invited on the podium at approximately 15h30. Where? In a tent close to the finish.
everyone gets a medal at the finish line, and a running shirt with our logo on.

Want to make promotion for the IFF marathon? Inform your running friends and club.
For any further information you can contact me by email
IFFm expresses their sincere thanks to the municipalities and track & field organisations for the necessary logistics and support.

You can pick it up on Saturday (10h-16h) at the market place of Diksmuide or on Sunday (from 8:00 am to 9:45 am) at the same place!
For establishing a new race record, there is a bonus of €100 (M: Wim Mory 2u24'52" ; F: Hana Vandenbussche 2u47'42").

at 10.00 AM at the Marketplace of Diksmuide (see departure). 

You can spot the runners at 7 different places, according to this plan

the municipalities have imposed a time limit of 5hrs15. If you run slower then you run at your own risk.

Only for those who pay before 30 June: there is transport from Ypres (Ieper) railway station to the start in Diksmuide. Busses leave at 7h30-7h50
Caution! transportation is one way only.
There is no transport provided from Ypers to Diksmuide after the race!. Park your car in Ypers and take our bus to Diksmuide in the morning.

water in 33cl bottles at km. 5-10-15-20-25-29-33-36-40. Wet sponges will also be available at some places. Please throw the empty bottles in the designated bins.