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(for the 7K and the half marathon at Nieuwpoort:
inscriptions starting from 30/04/2017 (this entry form is for the marathon only)

Online pre-registration until 3/09/2017: € 30

Only for those who pay before 3 sept.
There is transport from Ieper (Ypres) railway station to the startplace in Nieuwpoort-stad.
Busses leave at 7h30-7h50. Price €7
Departure busses: Ieper Station (7u30-8u00)
Arrival busses: Nieuwpoort (8u20 -8u50)

No transportation between Nieuwpoort en Ieper (Ypres)!

Cyclists have to be registered as well and are allowed to ride behind the athlete from km 18 onwards!! A contest T-shirt is mandatory

Price:  €8  TheT-shirt has to be collected by the athlete

On the registration form you will find an option to deposit a € 10 to charity. After the marathon the total amount will be donated to hte Charity of the present year. In return, every athlete who makes this choice gets a bib number with two names, namely its own name and the name of a fallen "war athlete." There are countless athletes who went to the front in WW1. They found that they had a role model. We'll provide the background stories of these war victims on this website later. There'll b also some large banners on the railing of the bridge along the trail, with quotes about these fallen soldiers.

To participate you must be at least 20 years old and been found medically fit to run. Good luck and thank you for your interest in our race!!